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About Albro Court

The Albro Court Housing Co-operative has been an established co-op since 1982. We have 24 units offering affordable and adequate housing for families.
We are self run, our members help in the up keep of our co-op (with the exceptions of electrical and plumbing), this helps eliminate extra high costs.
We have a board of directors (President, Vice-president, Treasurer, Secretary, Head of Maintenance and also Maintenance Assistant), who meet monthly to discuss any co-op business. 
We also have committees in which members volunteer on. Committees such as finance, membership, maintenace and social. 
A general meeting is usually held 4 times a year, this allows all members of the co-op to attend and discuss any co-op business, vote if needed, and to elect members into a position on the board of directors.


We are located at Cedar Court, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.

More Information

In order to become a member of our co-op you must first submit an application. Then upon availability of a unit(s) applicants are called for an interview. All families are interviewed and second home interviews are conducted. The membership committee meets and discusses the applicants and after careful consideration to all applicants the member is chosen.

As a member of the co-op, you have a voice in controlling the cost and operation of the Co-op community. Member participation is very important in the co-op
Living in a co-op community makes it easy to meet your neighbors and make new friends through volunteering on committees and through various activities that the co-op holds during the year.

We are in an excellent location, close to schools, convenience stores, Mic Mac Shopping Center, grocery stores, and bus stops right in front of the co-op.